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Quotes from Aki and Co.
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kyoko_minamino [userpic]


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Hearing: Kuusou Rumba--Zetsubou Sensei
kyoko_minamino [userpic]

I has quotes. That's what this comm is for, yes?

More Colbert Report one liners & Hi, I'm a Marvel and I'm a DC.Collapse )

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Hearing: Have Love Will Travel--The Sonics
kyoko_minamino [userpic]

Your analogy was stillborn! It was never alive! -Akimi

The Colbert ReportCollapse )

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Hearing: Scrubs "First Day"
kyoko_minamino [userpic]

Scrubs, continuedCollapse )

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Kim Possible: So the DramaCollapse )

I have waaaay too much free time. 8D

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name not even subject to funnification [userpic]

So Kyo's post was wonky. I fixededed it.

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Why yes, that DOES spell TRL.

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kyoko_minamino [userpic]

XDD These would be why Spiderman is my second favorite superhero:

A Collection of Quotes from the ComicsCollapse )

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Hearing: Flathead--The Fratellis
kyoko_minamino [userpic]

All Kyo-related retardednessCollapse )

Scrubs quotes. AWESOME.Collapse )

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Hearing: Supermassive Black Hole--Muse
name not even subject to funnification [userpic]

Because Capitals show Importance.

I've stopped sorting them by name, so they're all mashed together...but I can probably tell you who said what if you really want to know. I can remember these things for some reason.

Insert witty text of vast importance here.Collapse )

Yeah. Um. I'm actually sort of thinking about looking into getting this thing published some day...in the far-off future...far, FAR-off future. Idk. It's why I stopped putting names, anyway. That and I'm lazy.

name not even subject to funnification [userpic]

I've been updating the List, which I'll probably post right after this, but I think this should get its own post. I just now found it in a pile of crap (not literally) under my bed, some ten or twelve odd quotes that I lost at some point. If I had to date it, I'd say it's from some time last semester, because the majority of them are from Frank, while we were in Chemistry. And, with the right mixture of boredom and apathy, Frank has the ability to make me laugh myself unconscious.

"This tray is a Chinese child's wet dream."
"Damn you and your not caring."
"My ass is not sorry. My ass is completely unrepentant."
"It's Retard: The Musical."
"I'm a plethora of painful appendages."
"Manly appendages."
"I will papercut you into oblivion."
"You just laughed at me in song."
"It makes it really loud if you have your mouth open."
"I'm on a different plane of g'duh."
"It's not my fault I have an IQ above g'duh!"
"I dreamed I had my eighteenth birthday. I went out and killed someone."
"APUSH in a nutshell: Everybody dies. The colonists died, the Indians died, the Yankees died, the Confederates died, everybody fuckin' died. Where's my diploma?"
"Going to hell with gasoline shorts on."
"Your foot is made of flipflops."
"Stop caressing my patron goddess' breasts."

Also: Icons coming soon. Like, really soon. Like, I'm opening Photoshop right now.

name not even subject to funnification [userpic]

Now Frank won't stab me like I so richly deserve for losing this in the first place.

The Dictionary. That's all the name it needs.Collapse )

This is going on quotie as well. Omgah, I'm glad I found this. xD

ETA: *sigh* I don't know why it's not accepting the cut. I'll try and fix it tomorrow. In the meantime, I apologize to your flists.

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Hearing: God Knows - Hirano Aya
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Okay! This is the official AWA quote post. Post quotes in the comments.

The only ones I can remember are:

"It feels...gross..."

"Ew, floorbabies."


kyoko_minamino [userpic]

Here you go, Aki. STOP BITCHING.

xDD Kidding.


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Hearing: Willing and Able--Prince
name not even subject to funnification [userpic]

Pssh. Am I the only one who's gonna do anything around here? AGAIN? *stares at kyoko_minamino*

Well then, fine. A few quotes, not from me, but I found on Encarta. xDD This was back when I was in teh trailer, sans web access. We got the new Encarta and I went nuts. God, I am such a geek.

I know you've got a list, Kyo. Start contributing, dammit.Collapse )

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name not even subject to funnification [userpic]

As the first post in this community, how about the huge-ass list I've been keeping?

Muwahahahahaha.Collapse )

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