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Quotes from Aki & Company

Quotes from Aki and Co.
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A book of quotations...can never be complete." - Robert Hamilton

This is a community made for nochi_san and her friends (the other members) to post quotes, since the damn things were overwhelming our personal eljays.

The name comes from the document I (Aki) have on my computer with a whole assload of quotes gathered from family, friends, and classmates monkeys with birth defects.

It all started when I checked out "1,567 (or something like that) Best Things Anybody Ever Said" from my school library. My friends took it upon themselves to place their own quotes in the book. Not wanting to be held repsonsible for such vandalism ("It's like drowning a baby!" - Remus, Shoebox Project, and you can bet there'll be quotes from that), I started writing down the more memorable snippets of our conversations.

It then exploded.

The afore-mentioned list can be found in the very first post. More will come as this list is updated, which it undoubtedly will be. As I understand it, kyoko_minamino also has a list, but she's not very good at helping me run communities, so we may not hear from her much. :D *smiles innocently*

While people other than those on nochi_san's flist canNOT join, feel free to friend/watch/comment on the quotes. :D

And no, requesting to be on my flist merely to join the comm won't work. I'm wise to your tricks, you tricky tricksters you.